Outagamie County K9 Unit
Outagamie County K9 Unit

K9 Skills & more

Locating Tools

K9s are trained for a variety of tasks. First and foremost they are "locating tools". That is they locate evidence and people, using their superior senses, primarily their keen sense of smell. Taking advantage of this ability, handlers can save valuable time and resources by locating evidence much quicker than several people searching the same area.  


Our K9s are used to track human scent, and are frequently used in a traditional way to track persons evading officers, lost and missing people, and investigating suspicious activities of people after they have left the area. Our K9s utilize the scent left by a person, and crushed vegetation odors to track.

Drugs & Explosives

The Outagamie County K9s are vital in our schools, traffic stops, and assist with search warrants. They help other local agencies as needed. THe K9s protect our local airports, business threats, schools, Lambeau Field, Camp Randall, EAA, and dignitary events like President visits or other high profile people. 

Unit Stats


2013 - 27 bomb calls, 106 drug calls, 19 tracking, 36 dignitary details/events

2014 - 28 bomb calls, 140 drug calls, 13 tracking, 42 dignitary details/events

2015 - 30 bomb calls, 198 drug calls, 18 tracking, 35 dignitary details/events


Initial training for 6 weeks in Albuquerque, New Mexico with K9 Services. 

 K-9 SERVICES is owned and operated by Kevin Sheldahl.  Kevin has more than 30 years experience in training law enforcement officers, corrections officers and military handlers and their service dogs.